The Surface Design Studio of Kate Aurelia Holloway est. 2016


♥  Atlantic palms
♥  Worn out brush pens
♥  NY cab drivers' stories
♥  Beyoncé
♥  and Julie Andrews, of course.

A few of Kate's favorite things:
♥  Sailboats
♥  Stones
♥  Yards of colored string
♥  The mountains of Colorado
♥  Mint green bicycles

The Story

After over a decade in the design industry, in 2016, Kate established a surface design studio in order to create the work that truly speaks to her. She has always had a love of pattern, whether it was her grandmother's vintage wallpaper or her favorite jam shorts, emblazoned with bright-colored flowers, growing up as a 90s kid. Her work is influenced by all of the places she's lived from her woodsy New England roots to the Colorado Rockies, the Mediterranean to Lake Michigan, and her beloved, New York.